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Lysterfield Park

Lysterfield Park
Horswood Rd , Lysterfield VIC


    As well as being a beautiful spot to visit it offers opportunities for walking, horseriding, cycling, swimming and boating.

    Things to see and do

    * Relax and have lunch in the picnic ground under the shade of the spotted gums

    * Take one of the many walks available that range from half an hour to all day. Enjoy panoramic views of Western Port and Port Phillip Bay to the west and south, and Dandenong Ranges to the north

    * Take a refreshing swim in 1 of 2 protected swimming bays with sandy beaches.

    * Go sailing on the protected waters of the 82ha lake. Non-powered boating is permitted at Lysterfield but controls have been introduced to protect shallow waterbird habitat and swimmers' safety in the lake. Boats are excluded from zones in the northern and eastern extremities of the lake, these areas being marked by a line of buoys. Sailing (in mono-hull boats up to 5m and multi-hull boats up to 4.3m), canoeing, rowing and sailboarding are permitted. Life jackets or buoyancy vests must be worn at all times. Model boating is also allowed but only non-powered craft can be used

    * Cycling is a good way to take in the many features of Lysterfield in the shortest possible time. Restrictions to cyclists only apply on a small number of walking tracks

    * Orienteering and rogaining are permitted subject to special conditions. If you are interested in either of these activities please inquire at the park office at least 1 month in advance


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